SAP ABAP With HANA Online Training

SAP ABAP ON HANA Course Details

Hana Introduction

  • Introduction to High Performance Analytical Architecture
  • Components and Tools of SAP HANA
  • Advanced Database Management
  • SAP HANA Software Editions
  • Hardware technology Innovations
  • Software Technology Innovations

Sap Components Of Sap Hana

  • SAP HANA Function Libraries
  • Data Replication Methodologies
  • Life Cycle Management Components

Sap Hana On Application Development

  • New Technical Options
  • Code Push Down
  • Impact on Database
  • Required skills for Developers

Sap Hana Position And Architecture

  • Architecture of SAP HANA
  • Data Provisioning
  • Modeling on HANA Platform
  • Data Reporting

Sql Basics For Sap Hana

  • Basic Concepts of SQL
  • Fetching Data from Tables / Views
  • Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables
  • Data Aggregation
  • Modification of Data from Tables
  • Data Storage techniques
  • Accessing Data using Views
  • Database Transactions

Reporting Tools

  • SAP HANA Database Connectivity options
  • Relational Connection with HANA Db
  • OLAP Connection with HANA Db
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Lumira (Visual Intelligence)
  • SAP BO Analysis for Office
  • Using IDT
  • Creating Connection, Datafoundation,Business layer
  • Creating Webi Documents
  • Dashboards
  • Crystal Reports for Enterprise
  • Crystal Reports 2011
  • Publishing HANA Models to SAP BW
  • Creating BEx Reports

View Modelling In Sap Hana Studio

  • Attribute Views
  • Analytical Views
  • Calculation Views
  • SAP HANA Views in ABAP
  • Approaching Code to Data Paradigm
  • SAP HANA Views with Native SQL Approach
  • Access HANA views in External Views in ABAP DDIC
  • Transport of SAP HANA Objects

Cds ( Core Data Services )

  • View Definitions using CDS
  • Open SQL usage
  • ABAP Language Enhancements
  • CDS implementation in CDS
  • Creation of CDS Views

Sap Hana Database Procedures In Abap

  • Database Procedures in ABAP
  • SAP DB procedures in ABAP
  • Creation of AMDP

Development Environment

  • Basic Principles of Eclipse
  • SAP’s Eclipse
  • Integration of Eclipse and SAP Software

Abap Development Tools ( Adt )

  • Installation of ABAP Development tools
  • ADT in Development System

Application Transport

  • Transport Management in SAP HANA
  • Combined ABAP/ HANA
  • HANA transport Container

Enhanced transport Container

Runtime Analysis With Sap Hana

  • Error Analysis
  • ABAP Code Analysis
  • SAP HANA Plan Visualizer



SAP Certified Development Specialist – ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0

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