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Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform Integration

  • Understand the SAP Cloud strategy
  • Explain the positioning of SAP Cloud Platform Integration in the

SAP Cloud strategy

  • Explain the positioning within the Application Integration and Infrastructure
  • Perform a classification according to ISA-M
  • Explore Use Cases

Product Overview

  • Explain Integration Platform-As-A-Service
  • Explain the architecture
  • Get an overview about integration capabilities
  • Explain connectivity and converter options
  • Use Development Tools

Basic Building Block (The Basic Integration Scenario)

  • Explain the main phases of an integration project
  • Explore the elements of an integration flow
  • Use SAP Cloud Platform Integration, integration patterns

Twitter Basic Scenario, Foundation

  • Explore the complete sample process
  • Configure inbound communication
  • Configure outbound communication
  • Use events
  • Use persistence

Operations and Monitoring

  • Explain the operating model
  • Explain web-based monitoring
  • Explain APIs for monitoring

Twitter Basic Scenario, Advanced

  • Use calls in an advanced integration scenario
  • Explain the Camel message model
  • Manipulate the message with message transformers
  • Explain message converters
  • Use mappings
  • USE XST mappings

Twitter Scenario, Extended

  • Define message routers
  • Explain scripting in message processing
  • Define additional components
  • Specify the runtime configuration

Concepts of Secure Communication

  • Explore concepts of secure communication
  • Explain security elements related to the mail adapter
  • Explain the relation of security artifacts to integration flow configuration

Other Security Aspects

  • Explain the technical landscape
  • Explain data storage security
  • Perform user management for cloud integration
  • Add members to an account

The Neverbounce Scenario: a Use Case

  • Perform the complete neverbounce process

Additional Topics

  • Explain content transport
  • Explain B2B support
  • Design cloud integration content for SAP Process Orchestration 7.5 SP10



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