Profitability Analysis

  • Introduction to Controlling and Management Reporting
  • Introduction to COPA
  • Gross Profit and Net Profit Margin Analysis
  • Cost Components and Analysis
  • Multi-Dimentional Analysis
  • Assessment of the topic

  COPA Technical Setup

  • COPA Table Structures
  • OLTP – Link to Transactional Data
  • OLAP – Link to Datawarehousing
  • Working with SAP Operating Concern Templates

  Configuring Costing-Based CO-PA

  • Types of COPA Modules
  • Costing-based CO-PA versus Account-based CO-PA
  • Creating Characteristics and Value Fields
  • Maintaining an Operating Concern
  • Accessing and Creating Operating Concerns
  • Creating User-defined Value Fields and Characteristics
  • Defining Profitability Segments and CO-PA Exceptions
  • Operating Concern Attributes
  • Org structure -Controlling Area and Operating Concern
  • Assigning a Company Code to a Controlling Area
  • Checking the Current Profitability Analysis Activation
  • Import Operating Concern
  • Performing CO-PA Transports
  • Automatic Transport or Manual Transport
  • Client-specific and Cross-client Settings

 Master Data in CO-PA

  • Components of Master Data Menus in CO-PA
  • Maintaining Characteristic Values
  • Define Characteristics Hierarchy
  • Creating Characteristic Derivations and Derivation Rules
  • Customer Master Values
  • Product Master Values

Working with Account-Based CO-PA

  • Need for Account Based COPA
  • Defining Cost Elements for CO-PA
  • Set the type of COPA
  • Controlling Areas and Account-Based CO-PA
  •  Currencies and Account-Based CO-PA
  • Actual Data Flow and Data Transfer
  • Profitability Analysis Reports
  • Assessment of Cost Center Costs
  • Order and Project Settlement
  • Reconcile between Costing Based and Account Based

Introduction to CO-PA Planning

  •  Introduction – Account Based CO-PA Planning
  • The Framework of Corporate Planning
  •  A First Look at the CO-PA Planning Framework
  •  Number Ranges for Planning Data
  •  Maintaining Versions
  •  Planning with the CO-PA Planning Framework
  •  Integration with other modules
  •  User Exits and Special fucntions 1 Parnter Function
  •  Inter-Company Profit elimination
  • MM Integration
  • Material Ledger Integration with COPA

User Exits used in COPA

  COPA Integration with SD

  •  Pricing Procedure and Conditions
  •  Condition Mapping to Value Fields
  •  Handling of sign / –
  •  Prevention of Values

 COPA – Product Costing

  • Concept of Valuation
  • Configure Cost Components
  • Cost Estimation for COPA Access
  • Configure Standard Cost Access

  Flows of Actual Values into CO-PA

  • Overview of values from all other modules
  • Transfer of Incoming Sales Orders – Record – A
  • Transfer of Billing Documents – Record – F
  • Order and Project Settlement – Record – C
  • Define PA Transfer Structure for Settlement
  • Direct Posting from FI/ MM – Record – B
  • Maintain PA Transfer Structure for Direct Postings
  • Automatic Account Assignment
  • Settlement of Production Variances
  • Transfer of Overhead
  • Assessment of Topic

 CO-PA Reporting: Basics

  • CO-PA Reporting Scenarios
  • Working with Reports in CO-PA
  • Report Types – Basic and Line Items
  • Working with Forms
  • Assessment of Topic
  • Predefining Headers and Footers
  • Other Elements
  • Defining Variables in Reports
  • Creating Frozen Reports
  • Key Figure Schemes
  • Assessment of Topic

 Introduction to CO-PA Planning

  • Introduction – Costing Based CO-PA Planning
  • The Framework of Corporate Planning
  • A First Look at the CO-PA Planning Framework
  • Number Ranges for Planning Data
  • Maintaining Versions
  • Planning with the CO-PA Planning Framework
  • Planning Levels
  • Planning Package
  • Working with Planning Methods
  • The Report Painter and CO-PA Planning Layouts
  • Planning Profiles
  • Basic Planning Methods CO-PA Planning Framework
  • Enter Planning Data
  • Display Planning Data
  • Copy
  • Forecast
  • Valuation
  • Revaluation
  • Ratios
  • Delete
  • Planning Sequences



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