SAP HANA Introduction

  • SAP HANA – Introduction
  • SAP In-Memory Strategy
  • HANA compare to BWA
  • In-Memory Computing
  • Hardware-Innovations
  • Software-Innovations
  • SAP HANA Architecture
  • HANA Columnar Store
  • SAP HANA row store vs Columnar Storage
  • SAP HANA Information sources
  • Revision strategy of SAP HANA

Architecture and Scenarios

  • SAP HANA Memory Management Vs Data Persistence
  • Software Packaging
  • SAP HANA Roadmap and Scenarios
  • Deployment Options

Preparing Installation

  • Sizing of the SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA In-Memory Database Sizing elements
  • RAM, Disk, CPU
  • Memory Sizing
  • CPU Sizing
  • SAP HANA Scale Out / Scale UP
  • Directory Structure


  • Introduction SAP HANA Lifecycle Management Tools
  • SAP HANA Studio installation
  • Installation steps (CUI / GUI)
  • Advanced installation options (Batch Mode)
  • Performing a Distributed System Installation / Multi node installations.
  • High-Available installations
  • System Replications (Primary to Secondary)

Maintaining Users and Authorizations

  • User Management
  • Types of Privileges
  • Roles
  • Administrative tasks
  • Encryption
  • Information Sources for Administrators

High Availability and Disaster

  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • SAP HANA Scale Out
  • Near zero time patching (HANA)

Post Installation

  • Post-Installation Steps
  • SHINE – SAP HANA Interactive Education
  • HANA-Live installations and Schema mapping
  • Updating SAP HANA
  • Revision strategy of SAP HANA

Admin Tools for SAP HANA

  • SAP HANA studio for administrator
  • DBA Cockpit
  • HANADBA Cockpit
  • HDBSQL command line tool

Operate SAP HANA

  • Starting and stopping SAP HANA
  • Configuring SAP HANA
  • Table Administration
  • Periodic Manual tasks
  • Transporting changes

Backup and recovery

  • Concepts of Backup and Recovery
  • Data Area backup
  • Log Area backup
  • Additional backup topics
  • Recovery & Database copy
  • Backup and Recovery using storage snapshot

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Configuring Traces
  • Working with Diagnosis Information and Diagnosis Files
  • SQL Console & Query Analysis
  • Monitoring with SAP Solution Manager
  • Remote Support

Multitenant Database Containers

  • Administration of Multitenant Database Containers
  • Backup and Recovery of Multitenant Database Containers
  • Pre-requisites/creating high-isolated tenant DB
  • OS-Level preparations for tenant DB.

Data Provisioning

  • Configure data replication with SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)



  SAP Certified Technology Associate – SAP HANA 2.0 (SPS03)

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