SAP IBP Course Details

Introduction to Planning Processes

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Integrated Planning
  • Process Coverage and Planning Levels
  • Benefits and KPIs improved

Introduction to SAP Integrated Business Planning

  • Introduction to SAP Integrated Business Planning
  • Modules Overview
  • A Double Click on each of the Modules
  • Challenges and Solutions
  • The SAP Fiori Launchpad
  • Planning with Excel
  • Planning View Options
  • SAP JAM Overview
  • Example Network Overview

Demand Management

  • Demand Management
  • Introduction to IBP Demand
  • Cleansing and Statistical Forecast
  • Demand Planning Adjustments and Consensus
  • Introduction to Demand Sensing

Collaboration with SAP JAM

  • Collaboration with SAP JAM
  • Introduce to SAP JAM
  • Feature Details

Outliining of SAP Integrated Business Planning

  • Outlining the SAP Integrated Business Planning Solution Strategy
  • Explaining the Functionality and Benefits of SAP Integrated Business Planning
  • Describing the Architecture of SAP Integrated Business Planning Powered by HANA
  • Explaining SAP Integrated Business Planning Powered by HANA Out- of- the-Box Content

User Interface

  • Navigating in the SAP Integrated Business Planning Web UI
  • Personalizing the SAP Fiori Launchpad
  • Configuring an Integrated Business Planning Connection with Microsoft Excel


  • Using Configuration to Model a Business
  • Creating an Attribute
  • Creating a Simple Master Data Type
  • Creating a Compound Master Data Type
  • Creating a Time Profile
  • Creating a Planning Area
  • Creating a Planning Level
  • Creating a Key Figure
  • Writing a Key Figure Calculation
  • Creating a Version
  • Creating a Reason Code

Helper Key Figure

  • Creating a Helper Key Figure

Statistical Forecasting

  • Managing a Forecast Model
  • Creating a Global Configuration Parameter

SAP2 Master Data Objects

  • Analyzing the SAP2 Model

Key Figures with Other Periodicities

  • Creating a Key Figure Using Other Periodicities


  • Creating a SAP Jam Group
  • Creating a Task

Inventory Optimization

  • Inventory Optimization
  • Introduction to IBP Inventory
  • The Inventory Dilemma
  • Demand and Supply Variability
  • Inventory Components
  • Inventory Optimization Process

Supply Planning

  • Supply planning
  • Introduction to IBP for Supply and Response
  • Unconstrained Planning with SOP Heuristic
  • Capacity and Scenario Management
  • Constrained Planning with the Supply Optimizer
  • Alerts and Analytics
  • IBP for Response

Identification of Issues in the Supply Chain

  • Identify Issues in the Supply Chain
  • Introduction to IBP Control Tower
  • Out of the Box KPIs
  • Analytics and Dashboards
  • Case and Task Management

Model Activation

  • Activating a Planning Area

Cloud Security

  • Outlining Cloud Security

Data Integration

  • Identifying Data Import Options
  • Importing Data Using the SAP Integrated Business Planning Web UI

User Administration

  • Understanding User Management
  • Creating a Permission Filter
  • Creating User Preferences

Microsoft Excel Planning and Reporting

  • Creating a Microsoft Excel Template and Favorite
  • Performing a Simulation
  • Formatting a Planning View


  • Incorporating Disaggregation Methods in SAP Integrated Business Planning
  • Using Subtotals in the Planning View
  • Fixing Key Figure Values
  • Using Planning Notes in the Planning View

Analytics and Reporting

  • Modeling a Business Process Using SAP Integrated Business Planning
  • Creating a Dashboard Chart
  • Creating a Drill Down

Active Object Deletion

  • Deleting an Active Object

Supply Review

  • Using a Supply Calculation to Understand Planning Levels
  • Setting up an Alert in a Favorite
  • Comparing Versions, Simulations, and Scenarios

Naming Conventions

  • Using SAP Preferred Naming Conventions

Change History

  • Configuring and Using Change History



SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Integrated Business Planning (1711)

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