SAP Logistic Execution (SAP LE) COURSE DETAILS

Logistics Execution Business Process Overview

– Good Receipt Process for Inbound Deliveries
– Creating Inbound Deliveries
– Putaway
– Goods Receipt
– Planning, Monitoring, and Analysis of Inbound Deliveries
– Warehouse Management Process Overview
– Warehouse Activity Monitor
– Shipping

Decentralized Warehouse Management vs. Centralized Warehouse Management

– Lean Warehouse Management
– Enterprise Structure and Warehouse Structure
– Define Plant Configuration
– Define Storage Location Configuration
– Define Warehouse Configuration
– Define Shipping Point Configuration
– Define Storage Type Configuration
– Define Storage Sections
– Define Picking Areas

Define Storage Bin Types, Blocking Reasons and Storage Bin Structure

– Master Data
– Key Fields in the Material Master
– Material Master Configuration
– Storage Type Indicators
– Storage Types
– Storage Section Indicators
– Special Movement Indicators
– Create Material Master
– Create Storage Bins
– Displaying Quant Data

Configuration, Basic Functions, and Enhancements

– Number Ranges
– Function Modules and Customer Exits
– Warehouse Controlling
– Standard Analysis
– Delivery Processing
– Outbound Delivery Document Structure
– Delivery Structure
– Delivery Types Configuration
– Delivery Item Categories Configuration
– Outbound Delivery Processing

Packaging Logistics

Packing Materials

Applying Handling Unit Management

   Additional Functions in Warehouse Management

 Monitoring Warehouse Stocks and Movements

Processing Warehouse Management Functions Using

Mobile Devices

Optimizing Warehouse Processes with Cross-Docking

Using Task and Resource Management

Configuration of Physical Inventory

– Basic Settings for Physical Inventory
– Cycle Counting of Physical Inventory using Cycle Counting Method
– Interfaces
– Inventory Management
– DEMO: Inventory Management Configuration
– DEMO: Production Configuration

Sales order processing with deliveries of Outbound Delivery

– Outbound Delivery Picking
– Wave Picks
– Determining Picking Location
– Putaway and Picking Strategies
– Configuration Storage Type/Section/Bin Type Searches
– Put Away Strategies
– Capacity Check
– Storage Put Away Capacity Check

Fixed Bin Putaway Strategy Configuration

– Picking (Stock Removal) Strategies
– FIFO Picking Strategy Configuration
– Warehouse Movements and Batch Management
– Movements in LE
– Transfer Requirements
– Transfer Orders
– Goods Receipts
– Goods Issues
– Stock Transfers
– Posting Changes
– Batch Managed Stocks

Material Master Requirements

– Batch master records
– Batch Statuses
– Inventory Management and Batch Management
– Batch Classification
– Batch Determination
– Batch Information Cockpit
– Physical Inventory & Cycle Counting
– Physical Inventory types
– Annual Physical Inventory
– Continuous Physical Inventory
– Cycle Counting

Logistics Execution in the SAP Business Suite

 Positioning Logistics Execution in SAP Solutions

Positioning Logistics Execution in SAP ERP

    Structure Elements

Positioning Organizational Units in Logistics Execution

 Creating Storage Bins and Displaying Quants

 Maintaining Material and Customer Master Records

Goods Receipt Processes

Posting Goods Receipts for Purchase Orders

Performing Putaway with Transfer Orders

Creating Inbound Deliveries for Purchase Order

Posting Goods Receipts Based on Inbound Deliveries

Goods Issue Processes

Posting Goods Issues for Cost Centers

Performing Stock Removal with Transfer Orders

Creating Outbound Deliveries with Reference to Sales

Performing the Shipping Process

Planning Transportation in SAP ERP

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