SAP Management of Change (MOC) ONLINE TRAINING

SAP Management of Change (MOC) COURSE DETAILS

SAP Management of Change Overview

1 Introduction to SAP Management of Change

2 System Landscape

3 Software Units of SAP Management of Change

  • Application Components
  • Technology Components
  • SAP NetWeaver Process Integration
  • SAP Business Suite Foundation

4 Business Process for SAP Management of Change

Installation Information

1. Introduction

2.Software Components

Operation Information


2. Monitoring of SAP Management of Change

  • Introduction
  • Alert Monitoring
  • Monitoring Installation and Setup
  • Detailed Monitoring and Tools for Problem and Performance Analysis

3.Management of SAP Management of Change

  • Introduction
  • Software Configuration
  • Business Configuration Sets (BC Sets)
  • Administration Tools
  • Backup and Restore
  • User Management
  • Printing

4.Software Change Management

  • Introduction
  • Transport and Change Management
  • Development Requests and Development Release Management
  • Support Packages and Patch Implementation


  • Troubleshooting the Process Foundation

6.Support Desk Management

  • Introduction
  • Remote Support Setup
  • Problem Message Handover

Security Information


2.Technical System Landscape

3.User Administration and Authentication

  • Introduction
  • User Management
  • User Data Synchronization
  • Integration Into Single Sign-On Environments


5.Session Security Protection

6.Network and Communication Security

  • Introduction
  • Communication Channel Security
  • Network Security
  • Communication Destinations

7.Internet Communication Framework Security

8.Data Storage Security

9.Data Protection and Privacy

  • Introduction
  • Glossary
  • Deletion of Personal Data
  • Information Report
  • Change Log

10.Enterprise Services Security

11.Services for Security Lifecycle Management

12.Security-Relevant Logging and Tracing

Solution-Wide Topics

1.Solution Manager

2.Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA

3.Service Enablement

4.Installation of the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) 5. Related Documentation

  • Overview SAP Management of Change 1.0
  • Details of SAP Management of Change 1.0 Processes
  • Workflow for Management of Change
  • Analytics for Management of Change
  • Integration Topics
  • Business Partner Determination
  • BRFplus for Management of Change
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