SAP SECURITY Online Training

SAP SECURITY Course Details


  • Overview of SAP
  • Overview of SAP BASIS
  • Introduction to SAP Security
  • Why we need security
  • What needs to be protected?
  • From whom we need to protect
  • Implementation methodology
  • User administration
  • Single user administration
  • Mass User administration
  • LSMW Script running
  • Introduction of CUA (Central User administration)
  • CUA Configuration for different landscapes
  • Performing user administration activities in CUA
  • Distributing User/IDOCS and troubleshooting issues
  • User Groups Concept
  • Role Administration and authorizations concept
  • Overview of authorizations and roles
  • Change management process
  • Creating custom authorization objects
  • SAP Role types
  • Working with Profile Generator
  • Creating and modifying different roles
  • Authorization Group Concept
  • Missing authorization
  • Tracing the user for missing authorization.
  • Working with R/3 tables, parameters and Reports
  • SAP Security Audit


  • Structural authorizations
  • HR Master Data authorizations
  • Authorization main switches
  • Authorization objects for payroll
  • Info types concept
  • Tables in HR


  • Introduction to CRM Security 
  • CRM Security Vs R/3 Security 
  • Business Roles
  • Components of Business roles
  • Creation of Business Roles
  • Role Management
  • Creation of PFCG role
  • Role creation and User Assignment Flowchart
  • General Authorization & Business  Role Authorization
  • How to Manage CRM Security?
  • User assignment procedures
  • Day to Day issues
  • General Objects used in CRM
  • Troubleshooting Issues


  • Portal Security Overview
  • User administration in Portal
  • Managing UME roles and Portal Roles
  • Uploading ABAP Roles

BI-Security Training

  • Architecture and strategies for a BI authorization concept
  • Security requirements in SAP BI
  • Standard roles and templates for the authorization concept
  • Creating BW/BI roles and modification
  • Difference between BW and R/3 security
  • Difference between BW and BI Security
  • Different authorization objects involved in BW/BI
  • Analysis authorization concept and reporting
  • Troubleshooting BW/BI issues



SAP Certified Technology Professional – System Security Architect

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